Special Applications

Special Applications for PolyAll 2000

No one knows PolyAll 2000 as well as we do so if you have questions about the application that you want to use the product for, contact us directly. We are constantly experimenting with different applications for this product both in North America and Europe and we encourage our customers to keep us up to date on all the various uses that they have discovered for this versatile product.

PolyAll 2000 has been used for everything from protecting wooden garden decorations from rotting to high tech electronics applications to use in the aerospace industry. It is presently being used by everyone from hobbyists manufacturing parts for model airplanes to large government agencies for many different applications. It can be applied to metal to prevent corrosion and applied to corrosion to prevent further deterioration. It can protect docks and pilings from salt water and marine organisms or strengthen balsa wood in a balsa wood glider.

PolyAll 2000 can be utilized by major construction companies to protect concrete from the elements and by the home handyman to fix a hole in his concrete garage floor. It has many of the attributes of epoxies, fiberglass resins, polyester fillers and sealers but with few of their drawbacks.

PolyAll 2000 is a modern, highly versatile product which is destined for the workbench in every workshop.

PolyAll 2000 as a Waterproofer for Electronics

Another outstanding use for PolyAll 2000 is as a waterproofing agent for electronics that are required to go under water or required to operate in a moisture rich environment. Coating electrical boards and electronic components will render them waterproof or water resistant depending on the application. For further information on depth testing and the number of atmospheres PolyAll 2000 will resist, contact us.

How to Colour PolyAll 2000

Most dry powdered pigments and reactive dyes can be stirred into the liquid mixtures before applying to the work to give the desired colour. The hardened plastic can be sanded, primed and painted for lasting protection.

PolyAll 2000 Wood Repairs and More

Set Up Time, an unbelievable three minutes at 70 Degrees Fahrenheit!

Sand it and paint it in ten minutes!

Try that with any other filler!