Casting with PolyAll 2000

PolyAll 2000 sets to a hard, smooth, finished polyurethane plastic. This plastic is usable both in mold making and casting objects. Its 3 to 5 minute set up time makes casting objects fast and easy.

You can use PolyAll 2000 to make molds for many different purposes. It has been used to create molds to press aluminum panels including aircraft panels. PolyAll 2000 molds are resilient enough to be used more than once. PolyAll 2000 can be adapted to just about any kind of mold making for use in industries where speed and adaptability are essential, this product fits the bill.

Use PolyAll 2000 to cast an object

1Make yourself a rubber mold. Plaster molds and other semi porous mold making materials are not useable with PolyAll 2000 without special preparation. Silicone rubber is flexible and allows the undercuts and easy removal of the cast object.

2A good mold release agent should be used in the mold before pouring PolyAll 2000 and if it is a liquid or spray, make sure that it is entirely dry before you pour PolyAll 2000 or you may end up with gas bubbles locked into your piece, as it will bubble in the presence of water moisture or other liquids.

A few minutes after pouring you will be able to remove the finished object which will be immediately sandable and paintable.

Using PolyAll 2000 in this fashion you can manufacture anything from drawer knobs to figurines. Replicating lost items like interior components from classic cars, broken or lost trim for an art deco radio. Creating your own original sculpture is possible using this versatile product.

Mold Making Project with PolyAll 2000

Mold Making

Set Up Time, an unbelievable three minutes at 70 Degrees Fahrenheit!

Sand it and paint it in ten minutes!

Try that with any other filler!